Thriving Communities

This work is being shaped and supported by Bristol’s BAME Mental Health Network

This work is being shaped and supported by Bristol’s BAME Mental Health Network

Mental ill health can affect anyone, but we know that people in different parts of our city can have very different experiences of poor mental health and its consequences. For example, members of Bristol’s BAME communities can face challenges – such as increased levels of stigma – that affect their ability to speak out and access help.

What are we doing?

  • Through Thriving Communities we are strengthening our understanding of how we can work with different communities to support good mental health and wellbeing.
  • A focus for this year is on working in partnership with Somali community partners in Inner City and East Bristol to tailor approaches to improve mental health and wellbeing.
  • Led by these partners we will be rolling out training; anti-stigma work; and targeted communication campaigns, as well as undertaking focused work with local schools and healthcare professionals to improve provision.
  • This work will be tailored to different parts of the community – such as a focus on middle aged men, and on mothers.
  • Working with NHS partners, we seek to evaluate the impact of this approach and share learning with other communities in the city.
  • Our aim is to develop a shared, culturally informed way of working around mental health and wellbeing to ensure everyone can access the support they need to be healthy.

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If you would like some support for your own mental health

Thrive Bristol does not provide mental health services – this is offered locally by the NHS and their partners. Information about local provision is available at Bristol Mental Health